We would LOVE for you to join us Sunday at Catalyst Church! Check out our website for more info.


Hello! We are so excited that we have been gathering in person again. We will have services at 9 and 11 a.m. We wanted to take this opportunity to remind you of a few changes and guidelines that have been put in place for your safety.

If you are not feeling well, or if you have been around someone who hasn’t felt well or who has tested positive for Covid-19, please stay at home and worship with us through our livestream on Facebook and YouTube.

If you are 65 or older, please consider worshiping with us at home through our livestream.

We are requiring everyone to wear masks.

FULL CHILDREN'S MINISTRY IS OPEN please see guidelines below.

The coffee café will be closed until farther notice

Hand sanitizing stations are available throughout the building. Please make us of them.

Please limit the restrooms to one person per restroom.


Join us ONLINE at the following links.



Children's Ministry Guidelines

Catalyst Church Children’s Ministry Guidelines

Catalyst Church LOVES and VALUES the Children of Catalyst Church. Other than the Spiritual health of the children, the PHYSICAL health of the Children is a huge priority. We know that there is a lot of uncertainty during these times, BUT know we are doing everything we can to make sure children are cared for and protected as the whole child. We have missed your child and look forward to teaching and caring for them in a safe, loving and learning environment.

Below are our current plans to provide this environment.


-      ***IF CHILD IS SICK, HAS BEEN AROUND SOMEONE WHO IS SICK, OR COULD BE SICK – Do NOT send child to Children’s Ministry

-      Masks Required at all time for children PreK - 5th Grade (Babies and Toddlers are not required)

o  We will have extra masks if you don’t have one or forgot one.

-      Temperature Check required before entry

o  100.4 or higher not allowed to enter children’s ministry (CDC guideline).

-      Snacks Time - Individual Snacks bags and small water bottles will be provided at snack time.

-      Individual Craft Supplies provided for each child, and will be kept in a box with their name on it for following weeks.

-      Social distancing will be practiced. Children will be kept 6 feet apart, and volunteers will be adhering to this as well.

-      Restrooms Breaks

o  2 Children will be allowed in restroom at a time

o  They will remain socially distant while waiting for restroom and will be, as always, required to WASH HANDS after using the toilet.

o  Adult Volunteers will Sanitize Restrooms between each child's use.

-      Classrooms, Restrooms and common spaces will be sanitized between each service.

Adults Volunteer

-      Arrive 40 Minutes prior to service and prep room for safe learning

-      Temperature Check required before entry

o  100.4 or higher not allowed to enter children’s ministry (CDC guideline) 

-      Masks Required at all time (unless Dr. Note is provided)

o  We will have extra masks if you don’t have one or forgot one.

-      Sanitize Restrooms after each child uses.

-      Crafts supplies distributed without sharing.


-      ONE parent (Guardian) checking in and dropping off child

-      ONE parent (Guardian) picking up child after service

-      Parent (Guardian) socially distant while checking in child AND Sanitize computer used after check-in