Next Steps

Connect with GOD, OTHERS, and in SERVICE

At Catalyst Church, we believe that next steps are vitally important. If we don't plan our next steps, we remain stagnant in our spiritual life. We want to help you take your next steps in becoming a disciple of Jesus who makes disciples of Jesus.

We have made it very simple for you to see, choose, and act on what your next steps are with God, with the people that God places in your life, and with using the gifts and talents God has given you to serve others.

We sincerely want to help you to take your next steps so that you can connect with God, connect with others, and connect in service.

Let Us Help You Take Your Next Step and Get Connected

Connection Point

At some point, you got connected to Catalyst Church. We are so happy you did! NOW WHAT?

Take our 3peat Challenge (check out Catalyst 3X before deciding)

• Connect with us on social media and text messages

• Attend Connection Point Q&A meeting

To find out more about CONNECTION POINT click HERE.

Connect with God

Now that you have connected with Catalyst, it is time to connect with God to become a disciple of Jesus.

  • Believe and commit your life to Jesus, get baptized (your public profession of your faith)
  • Create personal spiritual habits (Bible reading/study, prayer)
  • Actively attend weekly worship services at Catalyst

For more info on HOW to connect with God Click HERE.

Connect with Others

While you “Connect with God” it is also time to “Connect with Others” who are just like you! The greatest connection and care you will ever receive within a church is by doing life with others to become a disciple-making disciple. JOIN A GROUP

• Find a group that works in your busy life and schedule.


• Visit our Info Center at Catalyst to pick up info

Connect in Service

While you connect with God and others, it is also time to “Connect in Service”. Each of us has special gifts we use to make disciples of other people.

At Catalyst we have plenty of areas to choose from: Food Pantry | Tech | Band | 1st Impressions(Greeters) |Scrubs (Cleaning team) | Youth or Children’s Ministry | Office work | Prayer | Hospitality | & much more

• Visit our Info Center at Catalyst to pick up info

Click HERE to find out more and how you can Connect in Service

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