OWNERSHIP is more than membership.

OWNERSHIP is more than membership. This is not a social club you are a member of, but you are an OWNER of this church we call Catalyst because YOU/WE ARE the Church! What is a church OWNERSHIP covenant? A solemn agreement between the “OWNERS” of a church to act together in harmony with the precepts of the gospel.

I covenant…

I have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ’s death, burial and resurrection. I recognize I am a sinner saved and forgiven only by my faith, which is a gift of Grace given to me by Christ alone, and by nothing I can or have done.

I have been baptized (after salvation) by immersion.

Believe Catalyst Church's Core Beliefs

I will…

Connect with God

• Grow daily in my relationship with God

• Bible study

• Prayer

• Strive to live and display a righteous and holy life dictated by the Bible in my actions, speech and with my entire being.

• Putting to death any sin that might prevent you from growing in your relationship with God

• Refrain from any activities that the Bible deems sinful and foolish.

• Financially Support God’s church – I will be a percentage giver to Catalyst Church.

• Regularly attend Catalyst Church’s worship service

Connect with others

• Be a part of at least one small group at Catalyst Church

• Help others when needs arise

• Don’t gossip in any form of the word

• Strive to do life together with the members and non-OWNERs of Catalyst Church

• Don’t exclude others who are not“OWNERS” of Catalyst Church. Strive to edify (build up) church to “OWNERS” and non-“OWNERS”

Connect in service

• Be on at least one in-church service team

• Attend at least one outreach focused service project

• Be aware and serve the needs around you and the rest of the world

• I will desire to serve and not to be served Covenant Simplified – Listen to God and Do what He says (BE THE CHURCH)