Family Matters

Communication about the family of Catalyst Church

Prayer Requests

: Our Nation

: Kenny Hoffman, for healing and comfort.. Had triple bypass and a heart valve replacement this past Monday 11th.

: Ruth Orman, for daughter in law,she has COVID,her name is Yesenia,also that her son Thomas and granddaughter Miranda don’t contract it.

: Keith Bailey, continued back pain.

: Vicki Hubert, miscarriage, D&C complications, healing and peace.

: Steve Stucker, intubated fighting Covid-19.

: All those fighting Covid-19 at this time. So many

: Catherine Nurrenbern, fighting the return of her ovarian cancer with mets to right lung and liver.

: Laura Roth, for Greg and his heart issues.

: Tamera Sisk, thyroid cancer, surgery again Monday 18th,followed up by radiation in the future.

: Donna Lefler, lung cancer

: Tonia Owens, for Bud Owens ( husband) - heart issues.

Praise Reports

If you'd like to send cards to Steve Stucker below is the address...

3700 Washington Ave. Evansville , IN 47714. Attn: Steve Stucker Room 2504.


: Tamera Sisk, has surgery at 7am Monday 18th at Ascension On Epworth to remove the rest of her thyroid due to cancer.

: Steve Stucker, intubated at St Vincent because of Covid-19, room 2504


Illnesses / Injury

: Wes Goad- heart, dialysis

: Depression (no names)

: Denise Joseph - Lupus and more...

: Bruce Priest's Mother for health

: Lisa Miller, multiple medical problems...

:Ruth Orman, for Burning Mouth Syndrome, Sjogrens

Tangible needs of items

Tangible needs of service