Family Matters

Communication about the family of Catalyst Church

Prayer Requests

: Ruth Orman, for daughter who found a lump on her breast.

: Emily Brooks, for grandma, found out she has cancer.

: Keith Bailey, for back, reinjured following back surgery. 7/23 update, broke back at L4disk.. In back brace for 6 weeks.

: Bruce Priest, for mother, fractured back in several places from fall. Healing with minimal pain.

: Our Catalyst Family

: Larry French, healingand rehab.

: Brenda Fisher, for mom's knee surgery...moving to nursing home soon.

:Lynette Dooley, for nephew Luke, He and his family are going through a lot right now. Also, mom, Nancy. She is the matriarch of the family and she holds everyone's problems on her heart. It has been taking a huge toll on her lately.

: Angie Hoffman, for healing and recovery from surgery on her back to place a pain stimulator. 6/26

: Penny Lawing, for mother and possible ALS diagnosis.

: Kim Cauley, for baby Cruz born early.

: Marilyn Gregory, for friend Libby, as she starts an aggressive fight with the cancer found throughout her body.

: Alice Doane, for her father. Her mother died in February and he is now having health issues.

: Cindy Schmitt, for her brother, needs a pacemaker, but has been told he is to ill. In the process of getting a second opinion.

: Lisa Kay Miller, for her family/her nephew found out he has Testicular cancer and it has spread to his stomach. His name is Zach Perry

: Lynette Dooley, for uncontrolled pain, for it to lesson so she can function.

: Maria Mull, for her high risk pregnancy with twin boys.

: Sherrie Brake, for her mom's declining memory.

: Abe Kirsch... will be gone June 15 - August 14th on a mission trip to Jamaica! He needs prayers for the trip as a whole. Pray for Discernment, and pray for relationships. I have found out a lot about myself already. and I need GOOD growth that sets me up for the rest of my life.

: Tonia Owens, for Bud Owens ( husband) - heart issues.

: Tonia Owens, for Fred Owens (Bud's adopted dad) - was in hospital to fix a bowel obstruction when they found he has stage 4 colon cancer.

Praise Reports



Ruth Orman, sister Sharon's funeral visition is on Wednesday August 5th at Browning on Diamond from 2pm-6pm.

Illnesses / Injury

: Wes Goad- heart, dialysis

: Depression (no names)

: Denise Joseph - Lupus and more...

: Bruce Priest's Mother for health

: Lisa Miller, multiple medical problems...

:Tamera Sisk, cancerous cervical cells found. Need to perform a LEEP procedure asap.

:Ruth Orman, for Burning Mouth Syndrome.

: Kathy Stucker, unspoken prayers for son.

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