Family Matters

Communication about the family of Catalyst Church


Keith Bailey-shots in lower back. AUGEST 27th at 12pm at westside pain clinic

Wendy Brown -5/23 Has breast lumps and lumps traveling under arm into back on left side. Having genetic blood testing done and it will go from there if they do any BX or plan surgery

´╗┐Lisa Ann Miller - August 15, her colonoscopy,and pill tracker found many ulcers in small intestines. May be looking at another one to take biopsies of them. Waiting to see neurosurgeon to see if eligible for surgery of neck... Still seeing dermatologist for hives and lots of testing by rheumatologist.

´╗┐Tamera Sisk... Mother having open heart surgery, at St Vincent Hospital as soon as they can dissolve blood clot found in her heart .Also was told the polyps they removed during colonoscopy came back as precancerous.

Tamara Sisk - Dad's prostate surgery postponed... Found issue with heart on presurgery testing.. Now looking at ooen heart surgery in September.


Jodi Staley - Mother-in-law passed away Monday August 26th. Visitation Thursday from 10a-2p. Funeral same day at 2pm. Alexander East.

Illnesses / Injury

- Aaron Perry - will still be getting blood draws 3xs a week for months...Adam ts13 needs to be atleast 30%. Right now it's at 24%. The "miracle drug" is doing its job by keeping his platelets up, but his body is still fighting itself. Platelets and adam ts13 are vital with ttp, both have to be up. 6/5 Got call that his labs are off again and has to restart chemo.6/12 Arron's 1st day of chemo this round.8/4 still doing well and getting ready for college.

- Jim Shoptaugh -migraines... Going to try at a later date to go through the base of the neck to place leads for the stimulator. Need to get insurance approval first,could be 6-8weeks from 5/1, Update 6/4 still in insurance phase.

- Wes Goad- heart, dialysis

- Keith Bailey - Back problems

- Depression (no names)

- Denise Joseph - Lupus and more....

- Bruce Priest's Sister, Bone scan was good and CT only showed one tiny spot on right lung. Pet scan in Oct. 7/2 Mother fell and broke her arm,8/15 cast is off arm and now in a removable splint that she keeps taking off and using arm too much. Afraid of a reinjury because of it.

Larry French - Has found a Dr. To perform lapband surgery, for weight loss, sometime in the future and has applied for disability.

Lisa Ann Miller - still dealing with loss of father and the stress from it is causing her to breakout in hives all over 8/15 update, has been referred to a dermatologist sees next week.

Vicki Hubert - prayers for foster baby

Kendra Singh - 6/5 mom's test kit for colon cancer came back positive. Colonoscopy is set for August... Now postponed due to kidney/bladder infection... At home on IV antibiotics

Tangible needs of items

Samuel Grant Causey - Dresser table

Wendy Brown - ISO: lawnmower that works

Liz Reynolds--ISO- baby swing

Tangible needs of service