Family Matters

Communication about the family of Catalyst Church

Prayer Requests

: Alan Goad, for insurance to get approved so he can have his hospital/Dr's bills covered and be able to get his testing and bypass surgery done.

: Abe Kirsch... will be gone may 30th - August 14th on a mission trip to Jamaica! He needs prayers for the trip as a whole, and that funding would come in to help.

: Lynette Dooley, for Ben... He is having a life altering surgery in 2 weeks and needs all the prayers he can get.... Also, her friend Janette has a niece who just went blind. She is in her 20's and will never get her sight back.

: Stephanie Huniti, for husband with the flu type B.

Catherine Nurrenbern, for best friend Vicki, found a nodule on her lung on chest xray Friday 1/17. Having another xray in 8 weeks.

: Tonia Owens, for

Bud Owens ( husband) - heart issues.

Fred Owens (Bud's adopted dad) - was in hospital to fix a bowel obstruction when they found he has stage 4 colon cancer.

: Vicki Hubert, for unspoken prayers for previous foster baby.

: Greg Myers, for his small group.

:Lisa Ann Miller, for answers from her appointment at Vanderbilt on 2/4

Praise Reports

:Greg Roth, that he was able to be cardioverted and is now back in a normal rhythm!


: Alan Goad, Now needing a colonoscopy and upper GI, to find out where he is bleeding, on March 4th.

Then bypass surgery on his leg on March 12th.

: Katelynne Kincaid, having surgery on right wrist again on March 6th.

: Michael Kincaid, is having carpal tunnel surgery on his left hand on March 13th


: Tonia Owens, Bud Lofton (father-in-law) - passed away 2/17 in Illinois. Visitation will be held Thursday, February 20, 2020 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Ingram-Meridith Funeral Home in Albion. The funeral service will be held at 1 p.m. with burial to follow at Graceland Cemetery in Albion. 

Illnesses / Injury

: Wes Goad- heart, dialysis

: Depression (no names)

: Denise Joseph - Lupus and more...

: Bruce Priest's Mother for health

:Tamera Sisk, still having chest pain and irregular heartbeats. Follow-up appointment with Cardiologist on 2/12, was placed on heart monitor for 30days and follow-up in 6 weeks.

: Monica Wolf, for husband Allen, he had surgery on his elbow and wrist this morning,1/28

: Kathy Stucker, had Rotator Cuff surgery January 29th, for recovery.

:Ruth Orman, for Burning Mouth Syndrome. Waiting for appointment at Vanderbilt.

: Donald Sanders had gallbladder surgery on 2/20, prayers for healing and easy recovery with minimal pain.

: Marcia Parchment, sinus infection.

Tangible needs of items

: Lisa Ann Miller, for her son

-California King size sheet set(s)

-Californiq King size comforter (s), quilts. Blankets (even with stains if light color) I have a grey duvet cover to put over the top. 

-toddler sheet sets

- 2 night stands

- Towels kitchen and bath

-Bathmats (1 1/2 bath)

- Plastic cups, bowls, section plates etc (for toddler)

- Pots & Pans

Tangible needs of service