Family Matters

Communication about the family of Catalyst Church


Marty's dad's MRI came back normal, no tumor found, on 5/7. Now heart surgery is rescheduled for Monday June 10th.

Angie Merideth - having a total hysterectomy, preop office appointment is May 22nd,will update Surgery information following.

Dena Landers-her brother is having back surgery on May 16th in a different state. Update Surgery has been postponed... He has been admitted to the hospital for unknown rectal bleed.

Lisa Ann Miller - shots at Pain Clinic 5/28

Jennifer Bailey - shots in lower back on 6/3 at 2pm at Westside pain clinic

Keith Bailey - shots in lower back on 6/4 at 8am at Westside pain clinic


Illnesses / Injury

- Aaron Perry - will still be getting blood draws 3xs a week for months... 4/30 update... All levels are up. Adam ts13 needs to be atleast 30%. Right now it's at 24%. The "miracle drug" is doing its job by keeping his platelets up, but his body is still fighting itself. Platelets and adam ts13 are vital with ttp, both have to be up. This means that we are heading in the right direction and everything is going up. Please pray that they can get it worked out to have his blood sent up there to Indy, to keep us from having to drive up there twice a month for blood work.5/13...doing great, no changes, graduating soon!

- Jim Shoptaugh - Heart Issues, has to wear external defibrillator until June 3rd, migraines... Going to try at a later date to go through the base of the neck to place leads for the stimulator. Need to get insurance approval first,could be 6-8weeks from 5/1

- Wes Goad- heart

- Keith Bailey - Neck and Back

- Depression (no names)

- Denise Joseph - Lupus and more....daughter Emi having hip, lower back, pelvic pain for a year. Found out her right femur is shorter than her left. She is getting a brace with lift to compensate for the difference and to correct foot positioning.She is also doing PT to strengthen her left side. 

- Bruce Priest's mom, letting arm heal on its own for now,having trouble with acid reflux causing some swallowing problems. Also fighting a kidney infection. Sister, under going radiation for recurrent breast cancer,24 treatments left as of May 9th. Afraid she will have to get a feeding tube. Bone scan was good and CT only showed one tiny spot on right lung. Pet scan to follow radiation treatments.

Larry French-fighting cellulitis of genitals again. 5/3 started on antibiotics...update 5/13 still not doing well. If he is up at all it swells really fast. Still on antibiotics. Has also found a Dr. To perform lapband surgery, for weight loss, sometime in the future and has applied for disability.

Andrew James-5/14,Pray for sister, she is fighting some kind of infection along with strep throat

Lynette Dooley - healing from gastric bypass surgery

Sàndra Dooley - fighting some kind of infection. Baby is healthy and doing well still. Due July 8

Tangible needs of items

Samuel Grant Causey - Dresser table

Wendy Brown - ISO: lawnmower that works

Liz Reynolds--ISO- baby swing

Tangible needs of service