Family Matters

Communication about the family of Catalyst Church

Prayer Requests

: Dana Myers, for a friend of son's mom who eas recently diagnosed with cancer and other medical problems.

: Keith Bailey, still having back problems and is having a MRI on Friday. Pray for answers.

: Vicki Hubert, for Baby K, mother is involved in heavy drug and alcohol abuse. Baby K in danger because of it all.

: Dee Bailey-Joseph, for her SSDI claim to be approved.

: Don Sanders, for Kristine, had surgery yesterday to remove a vein in her leg. She is at high risk of blood clots.

: Tamera Sisk, they found a tumor on her thyroid last Thursday, had an ultrasound on it yesterday 8/19 and may have found more on left side. Update, Cancer, seeing ENT specialist on October 21st to hopefully schedule surgery for removal.

: Donna Lefler, healing and recovery following surgery and has begun chemotherapy.

: Kim Cauley, for baby Cruz born early. Had to reintubate for now.

: Lynette Dooley, For brother Bryan.

: Tonia Owens, for Bud Owens ( husband) - heart issues.

Praise Reports

The Mini Fall Festival raised $18,000 for the food pantry!



Illnesses / Injury

: Wes Goad- heart, dialysis

: Depression (no names)

: Denise Joseph - Lupus and more...

: Bruce Priest's Mother for health

: Lisa Miller, multiple medical problems...

:Tamera Sisk, cancerous cervical cells found. Having a follow-up pap today October 15th.

:Ruth Orman, for Burning Mouth Syndrome.

Tangible needs of items

Tangible needs of service