Family Matters

Communication about the family of Catalyst Church

Prayer Requests

: Shannon Parson, for migraines and botox injections to work for them.

: Amber Powers,for friends who lost their son.

: Jeff Brock, cancer possibly back

: Ben Moore, for financial stability

: Lisa Miller, for Aaron, back in the hospital for his ttp, his platelets are at 28k 

: Baby Cruz is back at Riley due to oxygen desats and apnea episodes.

: Keith Bailey, cousin Billy fighting colon cancer with mets. He was just told he only has about a year to live. Prayers for peace and comfort.

: Lisa Daugherty, for BFF Suzy, cancer scan results on the 11th. Update... Results not good... Continued prayers requested.

: Myanmar

: Catherine Nurrenbern, fighting ovarian cancer with mets to lung and liver. Genetic treatment is going well so far. CT scan on April 1st to check areas.

: Melinda LaRue-French, for friend Sharon fighting pancreatic cancer.

: Keith Bailey, continued back pain.

: Vicki Hubert, healing and peace.

: Kathy Stucker, for healing and comfort

: Laura Roth, for Greg and his heart issues.

: Donna Lefler, lung cancer

: Tonia Owens, for Bud Owens ( husband) - heart issues.

Praise Reports



Illnesses / Injury

: Wes Goad- heart, dialysis

: Depression (no names)

: Denise Joseph - Lupus and more...

: Bruce Priest's Mother for health

: Lisa Miller, multiple medical problems...

:Ruth Orman, for Burning Mouth Syndrome, Sjogrens

Tangible needs of items

: Catalyst Church is hosting a blood drive TODAY at 1pm. Come out and show your love, blood supplies are very low locally. Please help if you can.

: Melinda French, looking for a wheelchair for father.

Tangible needs of service

Angie Hoffman, Looking for someone who can help out about once a wk or so with household chores in small house.

We are unable to keep up due to health. If interested please contact me. Can send message, text or call 812-470-7103. If I don't answer please leave me voice-mail.