Take your next step with Jesus

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After asking God to have a relationship with you (through what Jesus did for you and I on the cross and having faith this is the truth), your next step is to get baptized.

Three biblical reasons to get baptized

OBEDIENCE – being baptized is a first step of obedience for a Christian and should be done as soon as possible. Even Christ himself was baptized as our model in Matthew 3:13. Will you follow Christ in obedience and be baptized?

PUBLICLY – Baptism is a public symbol of our private faith and is to be conducted in front of the entire church as a public expression. As a matter of fact, Jesus said very strongly in Matthew 10:32, “If anyone acknowledges me publicly here on earth, I will openly acknowledge that person before my Father in heaven.” Will you acknowledge Christ publicly?

QUICKLY - While baptism does not bring salvation (only faith in Christ does), it should be done as quickly as possible after salvation. Every example in the New Testament is one of haste. There is always a reason to wait and always another excuse for delay but let me encourage you to be like the Ethiopian follower in Acts 9 who saw a body of water right after his conversation and said “Look! There’s some water! Why can’t I be baptized?” (Acts 9:36)

Why wait? Interested in getting baptized? Contact the church at 812-250-8383 or email us at [email protected] After contacting us, we will schedule a date so you can invite your friends and family to celebrate with you! Also, we will meet before, to go discuss why you are taking this step and give you more details about your baptism. Contact us, don’t wait!

We have baptism the 2nd Sunday of every month during the 9am service. We video tape it for the 11am service to watch.